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Give Your Lexus Vehicle the Maintenance it Needs

At our Kansas City Lexus Service Center, we know how important vehicle maintenance is to ensuring the long term health of your Lexus. Part of that maintenance is making sure that your vehicle is ready for what's coming next.  Schedule a Lexus Service Appointment with our Kansas City service and repair center to get your car ready for the road ahead.

Lexus Oil and Filter Change

One of the simplest services you can have performed is an engine oil and filter change. Your Lexus engine oil not only lubricates internal engine parts, but it also helps to control heat and acts as a secondary coolant as it flows from cooler parts of the engine into hotter areas. Keeping your engine oil fresh and free of contaminants allows it to flow more freely, coat internal engine parts more completely, and dissipate heat more effectively.

Coolant Flush and Fill

Your coolant has the primary job of keeping your engine running at an optimal temperature and preventing overheating, but your cooling system is subject to a variety of factors that can cause both blockages and leaks. Ensure your thermostat housing, water pump, and all coolant lines are in good condition, and ensure that your coolant isn't breaking down and leaving deposits behind that can clog up the small passageways within your engine. By having your cooling system flushed and refilled with fresh coolant, you can ensure that your engine can handle the hottest temps with ease.


Once again, heat can be an issue with your Lexus brakes as well, as brake rotors that are too worn can no longer properly manage the heat of braking in addition to higher ambient temperatures, and can result in warping, boiled brake fluid, and a variety of other issues. Especially important if you plan on traversing any mountain or canyon roads where you encounter long, intense downhill braking, ensuring your brakes are in good condition will keep you safe on every drive.

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