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General Manager

April is the General Manager at Hendrick Lexus Kansas City North.  She has a significant length of service and promotions in the Hendrick Automotive Group.  April was a BDC Rep at Superior Volvo - 2004, Finance Manager at Superior Volvo - 2006, Finance Director at Superior Volvo - 2010, Finance Manager at Hendrick Lexus KC -2012, Sales Manager at Hendrick Lexus KC - 2014, Finance Director at Hendrick Lexus KC - 2015, Sales Director at Hendrick Lexus KC - 2018, and currently General Manager at Hendrick Lexus KC North - Jan 2020.

During April's time as Sales Director at Hendrick Lexus Kansas City, she was able to achieve back to back Elite of Lexus Awards and overcame a 300-car market share lead by Acura.  Her commitment to a positive culture, passion for winning, and will to succeed allowed April the opportunity to begin her next journey as General Manager at Lexus North.  Training includes Hendrick & JMA Finance Training Courses, NADA Leadership Courses, and SMU Cox Lexus Executive Leadership Program.

April makes it a top priority to connect with her teammates by creating a positive and encouraging environment.  Work ethic, attitude and positivity are the pillars of her success.  She stays very involved with the daily activities and guests to ensure the dealership makes every opportunity count. April instills in her team a belief that they can achieve more.  April also likes to have fun and believes you can have fun and get results at the same time!

Her children are her greatest loves. They make up all the best parts of April. Emma is 13 years old and Ayden is 11 years old.  Emma is a mini version of April with the kindest soul and spirit.  Ayden has all of her spunk and has an absolute love for cars.  April often finds herself asking him questions about features and models. He knows all the answers!  

April enjoys her time with her family the most.  They like to hang out in their backyard on the hammock or take a trip to visit some place new they have never been before.  The truth is, just as long as they are together that is all that matters to April. 

Phone: 816-801-2480, Email:

Sales Director
(816) 801-2410

Corey started in the automotive business in 1994 and joined Hendrick Lexus in 2006. Originally he is from Maryville, MO and currently resides in Parkville, MO. While away from the store he enjoys spending time with his family. Favorite Lexus: GX

Sales Manager
(913) 789-5156

Kyle is a "Sales Manager" At Hendrick Lexus North Kansas City.  Started 6/1/2020.  Prior to that Kyle was employed at Hendrick Toyota, Merriam in August 2017 as a Salesperson. In June 2018 he became a Sales Manager at Hendrick Toyota, Merriam.  In January 2019 Kyle received an opportunity to transfer to Hendrick Lexus, Kansas City to become a Finance Manager.  In May 2018, he became a Sales Manager.  Finally, in June 2020 Kyle took an opportunity to participate in the Sales Management team at Hendrick Lexus North, Kansas City.

In 2017 Kyle was looking to get into this "Crazy" thing called the "Car Business."  Kyle performs allot of his own work on personal cars and thought it would be great to sell them.  However, he did not have any experience.  Kyle applied at Hendrick Toyota in Merriam but did not have any experience.  He did not get an interview.  Therefore, Kyle donned his only suit and walked into the dealership.  They hired Kyle and it has been a fun ride ever since.  Kyle worked in property management for much of his career.  And was even a Band Director in Denton Texas for a year.   Kyle was able to apply the lessons I learned from those careers into this. 

Kyles core values are Family and Fun!  At Hendrick Lexus North, Kansas City Kyle gets the opportunity to have fun at a Family Owned, operated, and more importantly Family Oriented Company!   He learned quickly he was "Home" because of this.  

Kyle has a Bachelor of Music Education (BME) from Southeast Missouri State University in 2002.   He taught Middle School Band for 1 year.  Then went into property management for over a Decade.  

Family is the most important thing to his wife and him.  It is something they live and breathe.  For example: The moment they found out they were having a baby they shut off their cable TV so they could spend more time together when the Turnbull's son was born and they have never looked back.  Whether it is playing games, reading books, roller blading, or playing sports they do it together!

Sales Manager

Service Manager
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Parts Manager

Jason is the Parts Manager at Hendrick Lexus Kansas City North.  His team won Elite of Lexus 2018 and 2019 and they also won the prestigious Lexus Crown Jewel in 2019.

Jason has been in the automotive industry for 28 years and has done everything in a dealership except for car sales.  His dream as a kid was to race NASCAR but it required more capital than his parents had to get started, but Jason always knew he would work with cars.  Now Jason works for a man who owns four NASCAR teams.

His core values are family, integrity, and balance.  Jason is in this business because he loves cars and is passionate about helping people.  

He graduated from Olathe North and attended two semesters at Vatterott College for computer programming.

Jason is an animal lover and has two dogs and a cat.  His three daughters are the greatest blessing he has in life.

He enjoys spending time with his daughters, going to the lake, cycling, and riding his motorcycle.

Finance Manager
(816) 801-2452

Mike started in the automotive business in 2002 and joined Hendrick Lexus in 2008. Originally he is from Kearney, MO. While away from the store he enjoys dirt biking, hunting and welding. Favorite Lexus: 2019 ES F Sport

Finance Manager



Product Specialist
(816) 801-2418

Dennis DeGoosh has served the Hendrick Automotive Group for over 29 years. He started out his career in the automobile business in January 1991 at Hendrick Honda Woodbridge, Virginia. Went to Franklin, TN in June 1994 to work for Darrell Waltrip Honda Volvo.  They had just acquired Volvo. Dennis was the Sales Manager, but his responsibilities were what we call a ROM today. In April 1994 he came to Kansas City to be the General Manager at Superior Volvo North the newly acquired second Volvo point until it closed in 2008.  Spent April of 2008 until October 2009 as Pre-Owned Manager at Superior Chevrolet and Toyota.  In November of 2009 Dennis returned to Sales. He came back to the Northland to work at Superior Lexus North now Hendrick Lexus Kansas City North until present. 

Dennis spent 14 years in the retail building supply industry working for Manassas Lumber Company until they closed.  He had three of his friends that had been trying to get him into the automotive business for several years.  One of which was John Gallagher, Marketing Area VP.  Dennis sold vehicles there for 3 ½ years.  During that time, he was a HAG President Club Member 1992 and 1993 and one of Honda's Top 10 Salesperson North America in 1993.  Dennis knew back then that this was the career for him and the company he wanted to spend it with.  Almost 30 years later, Dennis still enjoys being around and working with people.  He has been in the retail sales since he was 13.   Dennis' first sales job was working at a Sullivan's Toy store at the mall.  His mother helped him get the job.  She worked at the Army & Navy Store next door.   He thinks a lot of his sales ability comes naturally through her. She never met a stranger. 

Family, Teamwork, Loyalty and Honesty are Dennis' core values.   He enjoys being around people collectively working together to achieve goals and supporting those who support you.  Dennis enjoys helping people find the right automobile for themselves and their families.   He feels that a quote from Zig Ziglar sums it up best for him "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." 

He graduated Manassas Park High School and has received ongoing mentorship and training through Hendrick Automotive Group.

Dennis married his high school sweetheart Toni.  Toni and Dennis were married on February 14th, 1981 and are getting ready to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. They have two children Kenneth and Kimberlin.  The DeGoosh family enjoys traveling and taking road trips together.  One of their favorite places to visit is Nags Head North Carolina.   He enjoys working around their home and playing golf with friends.

Direct: 816-801-2418

Product Specialist
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Casey started in the automotive business in 1988 and joined Hendrick Lexus in 2008. Originally he is from Maryville, MO and currently resides in Liberty, MO. While away from the store he enjoys the KC Chiefs football and KC Royals baseball. Favorite Lexus: GX

Product Specialist, President’s Club Achiever 2021
(816) 801-2425

President's Club Award Winner Lance started in the automotive business in 1999 and joined Hendrick Lexus in 2005. Originally he is from St. Joseph, MO and currently resides in Kansas City, MO. While away from the store he enjoys spending time with his kids, going to concerts, sports and games. 

Product Specialist
(816) 801-2416

Steve started in the automotive business in 1980 and joined Hendrick Lexus in 2009. Originally he is from Westwood, KS and currently resides in Kansas City, MO. While away from the store he enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs, and watching movies. Favorite Lexus: GX 460

Product Specialist
(816) 801-5514

Nouhad started in the automotive business in 2014 and joined Hendrick Lexus in 2014. Originally he is from College Park, MD and currently resides in Kansas City, MO. While away from the store he enjoys soccer. Favorite Lexus: LC 500

Product Specialist

Product Specialist

Meet Jeff Breaux (Pronounced "BRO!")  He is one of our knowledgeable Product Specialists that we have been lucky to have with us for over 8 years.  Born in Baton Rouge, LA a direct decedent of Famed French Pirate Jean Lafitte…(ARRRRRRG!!!!!), he is an avid LSU Fighting Tigers fan and Poker Player

His passion for cars starts early as he began customizing and modifying cars as soon as he was able to drive.  He went to California to study to be a meteorologist (which still fascinates him today) but couldn't get rid of the "Itch" and landed in KC in 2005 with a job with Avis where he met his wife Christie. And it was a good thing he did!  Married in 2007 to his "Greek Soulmate" he found that their cultures meshed together perfectly!  Their family grew fast and they now have 3 Grandbabies under 10yo!

Jeff is the perfect mix of a passion for cars and Customer Service! "My folks were business owners; they taught me always to value and respect others. In addition, bring Southern, manners and old fashioned ways are instilled in my very being. Now, I have been in the business for so long, that I enjoy it and it doesn't feel like work. Every customer experience is unique and that's what makes it special. I'm still growing and learning every day."

Give Jeff a call and remember….he's the Only Bro you know in the Business

Product Specialist

Product Specialist

Product Specialist

Product Specialist


Support Staff

Sales and Service Administrator
(816) 801-5904

Phil started in the automotive business in 1994. Originally he is from Alexandria, VA and currently resides in Kansas City, MO. While away from the store he enjoys spending working with rescue dogs, and fostering dogs. Favorite Lexus: One that has my name on the title!

Guest Services
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Linda started in the automotive business in 2002 and joined Hendrick Lexus in 2007. Originally she is from Sheyboygan, WI and currently resides in Independence, MO. While away from the store she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, Harley mama, college sports and working out. Favorite Lexus: GX

Guest Services

Guest Services

Delivery Specialist
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Kathy started in the automotive business in 2003 and joined Hendrick Lexus in 2003. Originally she is from small town USA and currently resides in Kansas City. While away from the store she enjoys DIY projects. Favorite Lexus: IS 300